If the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London and New York are to be believed, we’re in for a kaleidoscope of trends next year.

For some of us, that means having fun revisiting looks we sported in our youth and for others, a chance to experiment with some classic and quirky styles. The leading designers and fashion houses have plundered past decades for ideas and inspiration, resulting in the return of wet-look hair and intense eye make-up.


Fans of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Blade Runner will perhaps be excited by the iconic singer and Daryl Hannah’s character Pris influencing the new trend for statement, mask-like eye shadow. In other shows, an updated version of the 90’s love of smoky-eyed, kohl eyeliner offers a still fashion-forward but less challenging style to emulate. If you were into Grunge, this could be your time to dig out your leather jacket and Nirvana albums again.

Bowled not over

One of the original supermodels of the 1990’s, Linda Evangelista, still acts as a muse for the fashion industry and her trademark bowl-cut hairstyle was seen on several runways.

Linda, also famed for her honey-coloured complexion has also inspired a return to models sporting healthy, sun-kissed tans. This in turn, has sparked a rock-chicks-on-the-beach revival. It’s all about being carefree, unfussy and living life to the max.

Another aspect of this way of thinking is the continuing appearance of hair accessories. Clips, corsages, ribbons and headbands add an instant touch of glamour without having to faff around with your hair.

Where we’re going, we don’t need à la mode

Of course, the dilemma of which way to go with your makeup isn’t quite solved with the emerging nude lips or eye-catching vivid colours? Either is cool but I must say I can’t wait to see someone sporting Prada’s stunning gold lipstick in my local supermarket.

Although the 70’s have been overlooked as inspiration for Spring/Summer 2016, the spirit of punk lives on. There were no safety pins on display but necklaces created from cable ties could well catch on. You heard it here first…

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