The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming – and for us hairdressers that means the wedding season is here.

Making sure your hair is the mane attraction on your big day can take a lot of time, effort and stress. However planning is the key, so follow my easy steps so that your hair is the one thing you don’t have to worry about on your wedding day.

A great cut and super condition are the ultimate wedding day accessories, so get into good grooming habits NOW!
It’s really important to find a stylist you trust. Just as you take your time to finding the dress of your dreams, you need to give that amount of time to your stylist.

It’s really important to make sure you opt for something that you know suits you – you will feel much more comfortable and your natural beauty will shine through when you are relaxed. Your wedding is not the day for experimentation – you want your husband and friends to recognise you!

With six weeks to go, it’s time to have a trial run. Tell our stylist if you will be wearing a headdress, tiara or flowers in your hair so they can take this into consideration. And take some photos to get an objective view – often what you see in the mirror is different on film.

Two weeks to go – If you colour your hair, now is the moment. That is so it has time to settle, but not enough time for roots to grow through. Have a trim to tidy up the shape too.

The day before – Wash your hair. Grips and pins stay put better in hair that isn’t squeaky clean.

On the day – Enjoy your final hair appointment. Make sure your chief bridesmaid has an emergency kit with a small can of hairspray and a few hair pins to keep your hair under control all day long, and you’re all ready to walk up the aisle!

It’s that simple – just make sure you follow my timeline and then you can concentrate on being gorgeous and enjoying the cake and champagne on your big day.

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