Red lipstick, how do you wear yours?

Lip service: Red lipstick symbolises power, femininity, glamour and rebellion. I love it! Find out how to wear this stunning shade in this months blog.

Spring styles that rock

How we style and cut our hair reveals our personality and attitude to life. Find out how you can make a statement in this months blog.

Mad March Hair

Early spring always represents a challenge when it comes to your hair. Gusts and gales can turn the most perfect style into ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ in a mere moment, while rain can dampen far more than just your spirits… A bad hair day can be the least of your worries, but these quick-and-easy tips can help beat your weather woes.

To Dye For: The hot hair colour trends for 2019

During the Christmas break I had the chance to catch up with some of my friends and colleagues in the fashion, hair and beauty industries to discuss what hair trends will be huge in 2019.  If you’ve not seen it already on Instagram, then bottle green hair is set to be...

Look a million dollars this Christmas

Naturally, the hectic social calendar is simply a series of great excuses to dress up and wear glamorous make-up. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, getting ready for the office party or, let’s be honest here, trying to outdo your brother’s missus at a family do, here’s Craigs hair and beauty tips for looking a million dollars this Christmas.

Rock the Latest Looks This Autumn

What’s hot this Autumn? We’re looking in to this season’s trends so whether you’ll be rocking the scarlett red pout, neon hues or a bit of glam glitter make sure you’ve read up on what’s hot and what’s not!

Lip Service

Get the lowdown on cosmetic surgery with a whistle stop tour of what’s what in the world of fillers! Are you proud to wear each line and wrinkle or would you rather be like Simon Cowell?

Absolutely sun-ning!

Look absolutely sun-ning on your holiday this year with some top tips sure to make a splash!

Get the Grateful Heads Treatment