Apologies if the headline has made you spray your morning coffee all over the other half as you clicked on this month’s news item. But trust me, you will want to read on.

Why? Because the Lob is the haircut that works for everyone.
Essentially, there are three types of Lob; the Blunt, Long-layered and Choppy.

The Blunt
As its name suggests, is cut blunt, uniform in length and has no layers. This makes it super-easy to live with and manage day-to-day. From a beauty perspective it elongates your neck, creating a more statuesque effect. Don’t be tempted to shorten it, as you’ll simply create a classic bob whilst losing the lob’s versatility.

This style rocks for women with fine or heat-damaged hair. The Blunt Lob gives back the health and vitality of your hair without having to go short. It also trims off split ends and makes your hair look thicker.

Next up my little Rock Lob-sters is the Long-Layered version
This requires longer tresses as chin-length layers will add texture and movement. I recommend it to my clients who have long faces because it adds width. The overall effect is chic and more sophisticated than flowing, beachy layers.
The long layers also allow you to play with a variety of different styles. If you’re going out on a super-swanky date, a Grecian up-do with braids looks AMAZING but so do loose twists, straight, wavy- whatever takes your fancy.

Now consider the Choppy Lob
For inspiration, take a look at January Jones’ character in the TV show, Mad Men. It’s all about the wispy layers, girls. Ask your stylist to use thinning scissors for the back layers as these will soften any hard lines. And make sure they’re long – no shorter than an inch above your chin.
The Choppy is ideal for all face shapes and gives you a young, hip and slightly edgy look, without going all ‘Lily Allen’. If you’re loathe to cut your hair, the Choppy is also an ideal solution because it’s long enough to be pulled into a chignon or ponytail and it can also take being twirled into full-on glamorous, glory-days-of-Hollywood styles. The Choppy is the hair equivalent of Tindr, you don’t have to commit to one particular look if the fancy doesn’t take you.