If you are about to mark a landmark birthday this year, or know someone who is, then it really is a time to celebrate. Middle-aged men are no longer cardigan-wearing, pipe-toting, slipper-shod Mumps (that’s man-frumps), now they’re the new Phwoarty-somethings!

As we advance in years, darker haired men almost inevitably see grey hair become more prominent. Silver strands can begin to appear in a man’s 20’s, but by the time he reaches 40, you can pretty much guarantee that a fair percentage is grey. Thinning is also a natural aspect of ageing, so it is essential a chap adopts a hairstyle that accentuates the grey, rather than highlight parts of your scalp.

This can be done by adding highlights, which on paler-skinned blokes can break up the stark ‘white on white’ appearance. However fellas with darker skin complexion should limit the grey coverage colour treatments, allowing the shades of grey to create a healthy transitional appearance.

If you look after your hair as you would the bodywork on a classic Maserati, then your foxy tones will shine, rather than look washed-out and dull. Always opt for a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Choosing cheaper products tends to result in your man-pelt (It’s a thing. I’ve just invented it) drying out with each wash and deprive it of the nutrients needed to keep it looking glossy and healthy.

Regular appointments for a cut are also essential. Why invest in cool clothes, a great car and a trim waistline if your hair makes you look like the lovechild of all three Grand Tour presenters? Your role model should be Mr Rutherford (Google him) not any one of May, Hammond or Clarkson; or a frightening mishmash of all three.

Of course, nothing shines brighter than steely grey than your own confidence. Don’t fight it, embrace it. Being a silver fox is a something to be proud of. You’ve earned your grey stripes and they are a sign of your maturity and experience. So long as you’re not wearing clothes that wouldn’t look amiss on a teenager…