Autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and some terrific new hair trends!

As the leaves turn from green to a riot of browns, reds and yellows, the changing season is also inspiring warmer, richer tones for your hair.

If your hair is already a dark, earthy brown it is already rich in colour – but adding some red and gold accents will lift it and bring added shine and warmth to your look.

For platinum blondes, why not try transitioning the cool tones of your hair into a warmer lighter shade by asking your stylist to put in a flesh-toned, lighter colour into it? Alternatively, blondes can have more fun by running a dusty rose tint through their tresses to create a gorgeous new look, but without veering way off the course of your normal look.

Over in the United States, many female celebs are adopting what has been dubbed as ‘bronde’. Think HiddleSwift before the split. As the name suggests, this shade is a sexy blend of blonde and brunette. Essentially, the base is a darker brown base with caramel highlights. This combination will warm up your skin tone and will maintain that summery glow as the days get shorter and memories of your holiday fade. If you’re already a brunette, use a rich caramel gloss to really bring out those honey tones in your hair.

If you’ve been to the Med this summer, you’ve no doubt seen terracotta, either on roofs, patios or plant pots. That lovely, reddish-orange with a hint of burnt brown and pink also looks amazing as a hair colour. As ever, I’d recommend that you have your stylist take you lighter – if your hair is already darker – and then add the colour. The idea is to have you looking as stylish and classy as Jessica Chastain, rather than the roof of a Spanish villa.

Mid-brown hair has suffered a bad press for many years. Often referred to as ‘mousey’ this shade has had very few champions. Well, I’m not one of the naysayers. If you call it Milk Chocolate Brown, it sounds so much more appealing and is the perfect base colour for highlights. Honey and caramel tones can look like spun gold in this colour, while auburn and cinnamon tints also work beautifully. If you’re feeling adventurous uber-light blonde highlights can make medium-brown hair look really dramatic.