Autumnal winds can play havoc with your hair. While a hat may prevent you going about the place looking like a Crazy Cat Lady, when you take it off can give you the appearance of an unkempt Persian.

As the season turns into winter (officially 21 December), your hair needs plenty of TLC (Tender Lovin’ Craig). So here are my tips to hot-looking hair despite the cold weather.

When the temperatures drop hair can become dry and uncontrollable. The cold can diminish its natural silkiness, making it harder to style.

‘Why is that, Craig?’ I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you. As winter progresses, we tend to move between two extremes – low moisture in cool outside air and warm, interior conditions in our homes, offices and shops.

If you pull on a woolly hat or baseball cap to keep your bonce warm, the material rubs against the hair fibres, creating static. Et voila, when you doff your hat, your hair can look dull and in some instances, super frizzy.

This constant ‘shocking’ of your hair disrupts its natural structure and damages the cuticles, leading to brittle, dull-looking hair.

If that’s the case for you, invest in some rich conditioning treatments with oil extracts. These will prevent the damage and make damaged hair smoother.

Simply add a few drops to your regular your shampoo, or work the oil through the ends of your damp hair after washing. This will keep it elastic and glossy.

Solve the problem of fly-away hair – hats are the worst culprits for this – by working styling mousse into your tresses. You can also try extra-gloss wax or hair oil.

A stylish titfer is essential on a cold winter’s day, particularly if you want to keep your ears toasty, but it can play havoc with your barnet. Not only can it create flyaway issues but a hat can also plaster your hair down to your scalp. Avoid this by using a volumising spray before you blow-dry your hair. For best results, hang your hair upside down. Oh, and carry a small spray in your bag and give your hair a little spritz when you remove your headwear.

If you start to notice a dry, itchy scalp that’s a sure sign that you are not producing enough sebum for the hair follicles. A decent dandruff shampoo will stop you sporting a dusting of white on your shoulders and continued use, especially when the air is dry and very cold, will help to keep dandruff at bay.