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Absolutely sun-ning!

How to make a splash by the pool!

Years ago, I was lazing by a very swanky hotel’s pool overlooking the Med, when a very glamorous woman sashayed to one of the nearby loungers. Everything about her was immaculate; hair, manicure, pedicure and makeup. This girl was the epitome of PREPARED FOR THE POOL.

I even envied her sparkly bikini, but that’s another story.

Over the course of my holiday, I was able to observe her daily catwalk from the hotel, down the steps to the poolside area and she remained impeccably turned out. Even after taking a dip. Here’s how I think she did it…

Some days she swapped eye makeup for statement sunglasses. Big shades not only look great but also do a superb job protecting your eyes against the sun and the delicate skin around the eye area.

My ‘friend’ would also wear liquid lipstick. I reckon because it lasts longer than other types of lippy due to a combination of pigments and polymers which stay in place, unlike waxes, which fade much faster.

Given the scorching temperatures, this lady would regularly swim in the pool with her partner but this can play hell with a manicure. Again, I think she prepared before her trip with a professional gel (which allows colour to better withstand the effects of chlorine, water, and strong sun). It applies like traditional polish but contains pigments that, when exposed to natural light, bond colour and shine to nails.

On day one, my stylish chum already had a healthy, sun-kissed glow and it deepened as the long, hot days passed. My belief is that she used a good quality self-tan before her holiday and applied tinted moisturiser with SPF or a CC cream as soon as she had picked her lounger. These products absorb into the skin easily and don’t turn cakey or dissolve in the water, while also providing sun protection. Make sure you read the label before buying your sunscreen, as most require you to towel off and sit under a brolly for several minutes before their ingredients kick-in post dip. Products like Neutrogena’s Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum cling to and protect wet skin.

Of course, if you want to catch the attention of the gorgeous pool attendant, then removing your sunnies and using waterproof mascara will almost certainly help. During the day, it will enhance your eyes and add a touch of glamour. Apply it sparingly though, so it looks 100% natural.

Also, a lightly tinted lip gloss with SPF will give your lips a natural looking shine and definition. Dust on a touch of bronzer will add extra colour.

While sunbathing, my newfound style maven would comb her hair away from her face and tie it back in a ponytail. She also brushed in leave-in conditioner which neatened and protected her locks.

One day, she rose and glided across the pool terrace, wafted up the steps to the hotel, turned and bellowed to her startled partner: “Dahling, I’m just going to the bar! Shall I get them to fix you a Campari?!” Voice like a foghorn but she still looked fabulous.

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