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Four top hair trends to get excited about

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

As we now leap in to the second month of the year – how did we get here already? Let's take a look at the year ahead. Join me, 'Mystic Craig', as I polish my crystal balls (one is never enough, sweetheart) and reveal what I foresee to be the hot hair trends of 2020…

Last year, well-groomed, sleek and shiny bobs were plastered all over my Instagram feed. However, this absolute classic cut looks set for a messy makeover. Its successor will have a looser, more choppy and textured appearance.

The key to making this bob look so radically different is that it will have soft layers on the ends, so it doesn’t look so distinctively shaped. It also has bags of tousled sexiness to it, giving you a bit of a naughty, rebellious look.

Exactly twelve months ago, I wrote about dyed hair being TNBG (the next big thing). In a way, that is set to continue but now, we’re adding an extra, contrasting colour. What may have started out being inspired by face-framing streaks of vibrant colour is now set to be statement-making differences. These can be complimentary, like a spicy ginger teamed with lovely cream tones, or lipstick pink against raven black. The bigger the difference, the better.

Regular readers of the blog might recall that I also said that hair accessories were coming back into vogue in 2019. Well, this will continue in the coming months, albeit that this time round we’re going to see less emphasis on adding sparkle and luxury to the hair. In fact, quite the opposite.

Look for hair pins and clips that are made from stainless steel or aluminium. Better still, look for accessories that like unlikely choices for your hair, such shoe buckle shapes, or clips made from old cutlery. You would not believe how much a repurposed spoon looks modern, contemporary and sophisticated!

Appropriately, last summer balayage was a big thing in the world of hair. Balayage is the technique of hand painting highlights onto the hair, to create a soft, sun-kissed natural look. Balayage became hugely popular as it is not a blondes-only look. Brunettes can also enjoy that cool surfer but to stay on-trend this year, avoid the harsher blonde tones and go for richer, warmer hues, such as cinnamon, hazelnut and even tobacco-like colours.

If you are feeling more adventurous, then why not experiment with soft, pastel blue tones? Lavender, dusky pink and turquoise look absolutely stunning, done professionally.

Book your new style in for 2020 by calling the salon on 01702 340965.

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