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Love is in the hair!

Don’t let lockdown ruin your romantic Valentine’s Day date night. Are we still in lockdown? What tier are we in now? To be honest, I’m not even sure what day it is…

With limited places to go and few people to see, it’s been rather too easy to adjust to the new lifestyle choices of joggers or jim jams, another Netflix binge or make yet another banana bread loaf? Y’know, just for old times’ sake.

Of course, as is the way of all thing’s social media, there has been a reaction to this with #DUND, or Dress Up Not Down. It’s a great way to break the monotony of lockdown and bring a little glamour back into your life. Now, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there has never been a better time to embrace the whole #DUND concept.

For many of us, especially those in a long-term relationship or marriage, the concept of a ‘date night’ when you can’t go anywhere might seem rather odd. But for Valentine’s, I think it’s definitely worth making the effort.

As I’m giving you advanced warning, there’s plenty of time to plan your romantic evening of February 14th – which is a Sunday BTW.

This year’s Valentines is still an opportunity to support local restaurants – who will be super-grateful that you do – by ordering a take out, if you don’t fancy cooking from scratch yourself. Plus, it will give you more pamper time in the bathroom and for choosing a slinky number to wear.

Even though salons like mine remain closed as I write this, it’s quite easy to create a professional look for your date night.

Arguably, frizz is almost always a hair passion killer, so smoothing and softening it makes a big difference. So, squeeze a moisturising product into your hands and take the very top layer of your hair and just touch it. It’s not about putting the cream into the hair or layering it in, but more about just touching it.

Then, still in the top section of hair, take either side of your parting and smooth it down with your fingers. Then, use a hairdryer to quickly dry your hair and voila, smooth and glossy hair!

Of course, it’s also bearing in mind that we are still in the grip of winter, so don’t try to make your hair look too elaborate or ‘done’. In many respects, less is very much more. So, begin by de-frizzing and then bend your hair lightly around a tong, without exposing it too much heat. The resultant curls will look super sexy and give you an air of chilled sassiness at the same time.

After weeks of being locked in your home together, something new and unexpected could add a fresh spark into your relationships. And well, after dinner and a few glasses of wine, there’s only so much Netflix and chill you can do…


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