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Mad March Hair

Early spring always represents a challenge when it comes to your hair. Gusts and gales can turn the most perfect style into ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ in a mere moment, while rain can dampen far more than just your spirits…

A bad hair day can be the least of your worries, but these quick-and-easy tips can help beat your weather woes.

SPLIT ENDS are best dealt with a good trim, but when you can't book an immediate hair appointment bust out the straighteners! If you also use a hairdryer, you’ll get more volume and body; simply twirl the tips around a round brush and blast with some heat to lock it in.

If it is a bit blowy outdoors or you’ve been invited to out on a surprise date, a hair

ACCESSORY can hide all manner of disasters. From a straight-forward Alice band to a sparkly tiara, you can not only tame unruly strands but actually draw attention away from frizz, a dodgy fringe or oily roots.

Now, we’ve all done it – OVERSLEPT. Apparently, research has shown that a bad hair day can cross over into being a bad day in the office. But even my dog has days when he doesn’t fancy getting up at the crack of dawn. If, like Jack, you feel the need for extra snoozles, a last-minute ponytail absolutely rocks.

Get ahead, get a HEADSCARF. There are some days when you simply don’t have the time or the inclination to primp and fuss with your hair. A colourful headscarf can not only be a calming influence on frizzy hair but also make an everyday bun look cool. Gather your hair into a high topknot and tie the scarf at the top of your head.

If you haven’t got time to wash it, a ponytail or wearing your hair long and loose can put greasy roots right in the shop window, so to speak. However, a HALO PLAIT can look amazing. Kate Bosworth is arguably the Queen of this look, so Google her halo plait (or ‘braid’ as they call it in America). If you add a spritz of styling mist, then you’ll make this style look like all that shine is 100% intentional. And I know this might sound a bit grim but greasy hair is easier to sculpt into a particular style and can give added hold throughout the day.

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