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Rock the Latest Looks This Autumn

The #MeToo movement has had a seismic effect on social politics and naturally the fashion and beauty industry has wasted little time in putting the notion of female strength at the forefront of catwalk shows and hence into the pages of glossy magazines, national newspapers and influential blogs.

This has now manifested through a variety of different looks, including statement red lips and hair.

Thankfully, for some us there’s a faintly reassuring sense of déjà vu with the iconic look of Robert Palmer’s glamorous backing band in his Addicted to Love video, bringing one of the 80’s hottest looks back into vogue.

To coin a phrase, you could call it Strictly Boardroom, as stylists and fashion-forward women have recreated the classic, slicked-back hairstyle that made such an impact in 1985.

Team the wet-look with powerful red lips and you’ve really turned up the volume on your own sense of empowerment. The scarlet pout’s what it’s all about. But don’t stop their sisters, if you're wearing mascara, it’s time to up the ante and wear a lot of it. Fluttering lashes not only look ultra-feminine but echo style queens, not just of the Eighties but also the Swinging Sixties.

Further echoing trends from the decade that also gave us the neon hues associated with Acid House, on-trend women have added a bold bolt of colour to their makeup. Paintbox-bright eyeshadow and eyeliner applied to colour-match vibrant yellow, pink and red eyewear or hot pink, yellow and green clothing is being spotted right across London and beyond.

Another trend that looks set to carry over from the summer into late autumn is that of glitter. It seems the youngsters don’t want to let go of memories of summer and the hottest festival look, shimmering cheeks, eyelids, lips and even foreheads. Of course, the current style maven for this look on our TV screens is the larger than life X Factor goddess Burgundy, who shows you don’t need to be a teenager to look AMAZING in the sparkly stuff!

If ‘Dynasty the Reboot’ isn’t quite your thing, why not take inspiration from your nearest post box? Yes, bold, bright, pillar-box reds are back. And with the colours of autumn also changing our trees and hedges, why not follow Mother Nature and go for a dramatic colour change?

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