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Simply Red

With all the trials and tribulations that 2020 threw at us, this year feels like we all need a fresh start and lots of good stuff to replace the awfulness of the past nine months or so.

Ironically, for all the frustrations of recent events, the beauty scene is looking forward to seeing red. It’s easy to see why, as many ladies who were denied access to their favourite salons had to endure exposed roots, split ends and a general lack of TLC – ‘tresses looking cool.’

But why red? Well, I think its because a good quality colour, like a fine wine, looks luxurious, rich and dare I say it, expensive. Not only that, I think a fiery, zingy red also makes a statement about the wearer. Let’s face it, red has attitude. It’s expressive, eye-catching and rather elegant.

For those who really want to be on fleek, teaming your new red tones with a shorter cut is the way to go. In particular, a bob, which is super easy to manage day to day.

Anyway, back to the colour. By ‘red’, I’m talking about everything from warm copper to vivid strawberry, or classic ‘auburn’.

To be honest, this whole ‘red’ thing may be down to Beth Harmon's cinnamon bob in Netflix's The Queen's Gambit, or perhaps, Nicole Kidman's strawberry blonde curls in The Undoing. Mind you, Michelle Pfeiffer's ‘ooh-la-la’ berry-hues are sure to cause a stir in her new movie, French Exit.

For me, safe colours such as ash blonde suggest the recent lockdown sense of hibernation, where we have been unable to visit our favourite salons. Whereas, in a post-lockdown world, red hair is all about making a statement, it is a real head-turner and has an undoubted WOW factor.

The best thing is that red, in all its various hues, is that it is ideal for virtually everybody, as it suits so many skin tones. The depth and tone of red is so versatile, from super-bold cherry to delicate blonde copper gold, everyone can rock red.

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