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The Bald Truth

I can pretty much guarantee that any man with more than just a soupcon of vanity looks at himself in the mirror. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this as we all like to look our best, so a cheeky little check of your reflection doesn’t go amiss.

However, for as many as 70% of the male population, one day you might see more than you had previously bargained for; the wall behind you.

Balding, or at least thinning hair, is a condition that will happen to the majority of chaps in their lifetime. Whilst this is simply down to your genes, when you do realise that hairline is receding the psychological blow can hit hard. In this instance, the best thing to do is to accept it, whilst understanding that there are also ways of addressing the issue. By that, I don’t mean adopting a classic, Seventies-style combover.

Arguably the easiest and less costly solution is to adopt a new hairstyle that is better suited for thinning and balding hair. The general rule is simple: the more hair you lose, the shorter you should cut it. Ironically, if you have a receding hairline a side parting can look really good, especially with a higher hair line.

Another style that can work if you have a thinning crown is what some people in the trade call a disconnected fade. Essentially, you keep the hair longer at the front and taper it short towards the crown. You then push it back towards the back of your head and keep it there with a firm hold product. I like this style as it looks quite hipster-ish and gives you an air of working with what you have, rather than fighting what you don’t.

In another twist of irony, many men who are going bald, find it easy to still grow an impressive beard. This is a great way of drawing the gaze of someone looking at you down and below your receding hairline. A beard has a balancing effect and can give you a distinguished appearance.

According to the NHS website, a hair transplant can cost between £1,000 to £30,000 depending on how advanced your hair loss is, what procedure you opt for and which clinic provides it. A local barbers or hair salon which charge you between just over a tenner to less than thirty quid, and who knows, you might just discover your inner Jason Statham, The Rock, Idris Elba or James McEvoy...

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