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The thick of it

As a hairdresser I never really switch off. So, when I was enjoying a post-work drink with friends in my local the other evening, I couldn’t help but notice that there were two distinct types of middle-aged bloke; those who are bald/ing and those still with a thick head of hair.

Losing your hair When you reach a certain age and begin to lose your hair, the solution is simple – reach for the clippers. But for older guys, thick hair can pose a few dilemmas.

Obviously, you have a greater number of styling options - but what looks great on a twenty-something may look really weird on someone old enough to be the young fella’s dad.

Thick hair isn’t uniform either. It can be wavy, straight and everything in between. For me, the key to making the most of your barnet, is choosing the right style to complement your hair type and lifestyle.

Of course, thick hair allows a chap to experiment with different lengths and cuts, from messy layers, to shoulder-length surfer or rock star locks to choppy crops.

Now, this might sound daft, but having thick hair can have its own problems. It can be harder to style and, depending on the cut, harder to keep under control. Remember, shorter styles need regular/frequent maintenance to retain their ‘sharp’ look.

Also, thick hair can be harder to shape, while thinner hair is easier to ‘build up’ with careful use of styling products.

Factor in your lifestyle I mentioned lifestyle being an important factor and you might like to factor in your hobbies or sports pursuits as part and parcel of your haircut considerations.

For example, MAMILS will be familiar with two styles that are popular with professional cyclists, the High Skin Fade and Taper Fade. Both suits guys with curly hair, as the sides are kept neat and trim, allowing the longer length on top to show off your curls.

Conversely, if you’re a massive Game of Thrones fan, growing your hair long and curly, will almost certainly get your Jon Snow swag on.

Your face shape should also influence your choice of cut. For me, the classic French crop is ideal. It is the go-to style for the likes of Dermot O’Leary and Gary Barlow and was made globally famous by George Clooney during his time playing Dr. Doug Ross in the medical drama E.R. And this style didn’t harm their careers, now did it?

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