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What's your holiday beauty personality?

Change your beauty personality & ditch those time-consuming hair and make-up rituals

I know, last month’s post was all about poolside hair and beauty and I don’t want to labour the point, but let’s be honest, it’ll soon be autumn and we’ll all be going about the place under brollies and bundled up against the cold, so let’s celebrate the summer while we can!?

Chatting with the Grateful Heads team has revealed that there are quite different personalities on holiday. By this I mean that some of the girls completely abandon their daily beauty regimes, while others see their week or two in the sun as a chance to be flamboyant and somewhat experimental with their hair and make-up.

So what type of holiday personality are you?

Do you like to keep things simple? Do you edit your products down to the essentials, packing only a moisturiser and serum that work both day and night? Perhaps you pop in a cleanser, or some micellar water and scale down your make-up to little more than a mascara, and perhaps a bronzer? Double-ended shadow sticks are great for travel.

Deep hair conditioner, is also a great tip to take with you. Whether you’re taking a dip in the sea or the pool, a leave-in spray can work wonders protecting your hair from the effects of chlorine and saltwater hair.

When it comes to nails, make sure they’re prepped for the pool and romantic dinner dates in the evening by booking yourself into your beautician a day or two before you fly. That way your nails will be on their best behaviour and all you need to pack is a bottle of nail polish to keep any chips suitably covered.

If your hair is long, being out in the hot sun during the day can be uncomfortable with it on your neck. If that sounds like you, don’t forget to pop a hair tie or scrunchy in your luggage, to create a messy bun or ponytail. Make sure you also apply the best SPF cream you can afford and keep reapplying it. Nothing beats a sun-kissed glow on your skin, so ditching the ‘slap’ during the day and giving your skin a break from it will help you to feel fresher during those days when it is super scorchio.

In the evenings however, your holiday is a great opportunity to experiment with make-up that you might not wear back home. With a tan, why not try wearing brighter colours on your lips and cheeks? Metallic eyeshadow during balmy summer nights eating outdoors can add elegance and sophistication to your look. A tinted lip balm is also a great, low-key way to wear colour.

If you normally have a hairstyle that involves a parting, moving it around can help you to avoid burning your scalp. If you’re staying in a hot climate, letting your hair dry naturally after running some nourishing oil through it while still wet will help it to stay soft and silky. And, rather than faff about trying to create exotic dos for when you go out in the evening, simply invest in one or two of the great hair accessories that are in the stores right now.

Et voila. Now you’re ready for your escape!

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