Blessed as we are to live by the beautiful seaside, in the warmest and driest part of the UK, fun in the sun can come at a cost. With summer on its way, now is the time to start getting ready for those long balmy days that can wreak havoc with your hair.

Most women tend to over-work their hair during the summer. Whether you’re on holiday, heading to the office or planning your weekend with friends, it’s all about easy, effortless looks and not being too primped or fussy. Use lightweight products that won’t weigh hair down or keep it from moving naturally. Mousse is ideal, as it adds vibrancy and creates a lightweight hold for your curls and a natural texture.

To avoid frizz, dryness and limp hair run lightweight finishing oil through your mid-length and ends. Doing this combats frizz and dryness in one stroke. If your hair is limp, apply a quality dry shampoo at the scalp.

Bright sun, salt spray from waves and chlorinated water can damage your crowning glory.

Of course, many products are made with UV filters to prevent sun damage – but if you find yourself stranded without your regular UV hair products, then apply a deep conditioning masque to your hair and slick it back into a simple bun while you enjoy the weather. It’ll help protect and condition the cuticle layer of your hair.

If you have naturally curly hair, summer can be a time for dancing in the streets, or hiding in your hotel room with the dreaded frizz. And we’re not talking a cheeky Cava with your brekkie?!

Hydration is the key. A lack of moisture causes hair to expand and frizz. After shampooing and conditioning, use a leave-in conditioner. If your hair is coarse, kinky and/or tends towards a dry texture, use a cream leave-in conditioner. Fine, curly and/or wavy textures should add moisture with a liquid, spray-in treatment.

On very hot days, the sun’s rays can make your hair expand and frizz up. Before stepping outdoors, run a gel, cream, or mousse when you’re styling your hair. Look for products with anti-humectant (frizz-controlling) properties. 

Something I see a lot of when I’m abroad – although I confess I do quite enjoy – is seeing that favourite of people on holiday; trying too hard.

We Brits and, curiously, Russians are prone to forgetting that holiday hair is languid and breezy, and you don’t get that vibe by slaving over it… less is most definitely more.

As part of your pre-holiday visit to the salon, ask for a cut that works best for the climate you’re heading out to. Remember, ‘low maintenance, and easy to style’ should be your principal concerns. Also, make sure you ask your regular stylist for the cut and style that works best for your hair type and face shape.

Finally, pack a good dry shampoo in your toiletry bag and boom, you’re ready to send temperatures soaring to over phwoar-ty degrees in the shade!