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Instant Moisture® Shampoo 300ml

WHAT IT DOES: Colour-safe formula cleanses, hydrates thirsty hair, plumps up skinny strands and helps repair damage

HOW IT WORKS: Instant Moisture Complex provides superior conditioning and UV protection, while panthenol adds body and helps repair damage from the inside out

ADDED BONUS: Helps protect vulnerable hair from the sun



Instant Moisture® Conditioner 200ml

WHAT IT DOES: Hydrates and detangles moisture-starved strands, making hair shiny and manageable

HOW IT WORKS: Soy proteins, shea butter and Instant Moisture Complex moisturize, strengthen and add elasticity. Panthenol builds body and repairs damage from the inside out

ADDED BONUS: Strengthens the cuticle and improves elasticity

Moisture Bonus Bag