If the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York and London are anything to go by, this year’s coolest cuts can be labelled under ‘what goes around, comes around.’

In some ways, this is a good thing. Especially if you’re naturally conservative, have found a style that works for you and are not having a mid-life crisis. If you’re in this bracket, then styles labelled as ‘Natural Lengths’, ‘Relaxed Curls’, ‘Headbands’, ‘Side-Partings’ and ‘New Generation Ponytails’ will make you feel on-point in the fashion stakes.

For those of us of certain ages, then some of the suggested trends for this year will either make you jump at the chance to relive your youth, or roll your eyes in mild despair.

I couldn’t help but think of D-Mob’s 1989 hit We Call It Acieed when I saw that ‘Acid Hair’ is back in vogue. From canary yellow to fluorescent pink, by way of electric blue, the brighter the better. Of course, you do run the risk of going about the place looking like Su Pollard…

Fans of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden will be delighted to know that the grunge look is poised to return. Updated versions, featuring wet-look hair, alternative buns and rebellious strands that refuse to stay in place, could make a rocking return. I’m not sure about the padded plaid shirts though.

Talking of ‘wet-look’ we haven’t seen the last of the scraped back, tucked-behind-the ears style. Although the 2018 version is more relaxed and with added height, an effect created by just sweeping your hand from one side to the other.

If you prefer shorter hair or are planning a dramatic new look for the New Year, super short bobs are going to be popular; especially amongst the youngsters. Lengths should just touch the earlobes and be cut to give an edgy effect.

If you were ever mocked for having a bowl cut as a child, well, all I can say is that today you would be seriously cool. A new take on the 90s tomboy style rocked New York last autumn and could be set to make a big return in 2018.

For me, one of the nicest and most welcome trends that fashionistas are getting excited about is that curious thing called ‘individuality.’ Remarkably, simply enhancing your natural hair creates ‘beautiful diversity’. In other words, it’s just being you.