Renowned local fashionista, hair guru and Southend salon owner Craig Smith was interviewed to discuss what will be the hottest looks for 2017.

So, Craig what do you think will be on-trend in makeup next year?

Craig: The no makeup, ultra-natural look is set to stay with the emphasis being on perfecting skin tones, neat brows and a healthy glow. However, bold lips will be the exciting contrast to this look. Dark, earthy colours such as brown and burgundy, with shimmering gold glitter on top will be where it’s at.

The biker jacket has made a big comeback in America, will that trend cross the pond?

Craig: In many ways, classic Americana never goes out of style. Rock ’n’ roll black is always cool and I predict thick, kohl eyeliner smudged along the lower lash line, balanced with a light, natural brow will look great on women who like a more natural hair texture and casual, too-busy-living style.

I’ve also noticed a few references to rockabilly popping up in the mainstream. Obviously, the way to bring a sixty year old hairstyle bang up to date is to take the original and make it slightly messy. Team this with bold brow makeup – using a dark pencil to sharpen the natural shape – and you’ll look super-cute, whether you’re in Las Vegas or Bas Vegas, baby.

Brights are also making a comeback aren’t they, Craig?

Craig: When you say ‘brights’ I think it’s important to say ‘neon’. Bold lips will also be statement pouts in orange and pink. This requires leaving the rest of the face makeup free. Curled eyelashes will open up your peepers and neat brows will frame your face nicely.

The Amy Winehouse cat-eye appears set for a big return too…

Craig: Absolutely! But in a far more exaggerated fashion and using dramatic vibrant colours. Liner thickly applied on upper and lower lids and extended dramatically at the outer corner but instead of Amy’s signature black, the 2017 look will be about deep, shimmery hues.

In terms of the bright colours and bold patterns seen on the top fashion house’s runway collections, what do you think will go best?

Craig: The golden rule is less is more. Don’t try and compete with in-your-face colours. Let them make the statement and the rest will follow. So, fresh skin with a dewy glow and minimal makeup is essential in my book. You can create a statement by having a blunt fringe, with the rest of your hair texturised along its lengths.