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Autumn-atic for the people

Crisp mornings, leaves on the lawn and shorter days… Much as autumn is a beautiful time of the year, it can play havoc with your beauty regime.

As the mercury drops and the air becomes drier the change of season also requires some adjustments to your hair and beauty routines.

Using coconut oil

A haircut will help not only revitalise your look, but trim away any residual damage from the summer caused by sun, salt and chlorinated water. Coconut oil can really help if you have damaged or frizzy hair. The oil works by penetrating hair at the very core to smooth and repair each strand, leaving your locks feeling soft, strong and smelling like a Bounty Bar. Yum!

Not only great for your hair, coconut oil is amazing for helping to keep your skin nicely hydrated if you apply it before bed. Remember to exfoliate first, so that your skin can easily absorb the moisture. Don’t forget to still wear sunscreen every day, even at this time of year the sun can have a damaging effect on exposed skin.

Aside from the face, your hands and nails are the other parts of your body that are most exposed to the elements. So, its worthwhile remembering to keep them soft and hydrated with regular applications of hand cream. Filing your nails once or twice a week will also avoid breakages caused by brittleness.

Lip balm Similarly, cold air and autumn breezes can result in chapped lips. Whether its good old Lypsyl or the rather swanky Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, a slick of lip balm at night, or before you step out doors in the morning is worth taking a moment for.

Keeping your skin hydrated Finally, we all know that drinking a glass of water before bed helps to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night. But try doing it when you wake up, with a slice of lemon and a pinch of salt. This will give you a zingy start to the day and tops up lost minerals and vitamins after a night under the duvet, with the heating on.

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