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Blown Away

I heard a somewhat frazzled chap in the salon recently bemoaning his wife’s purchase of an expensive pair of shoes. “Over £200 for fancy flip-flops with clumpy soles,” he huffed.

This scenario made me ponder, what would I spend on a hairdryer? After all, it’s an essential of my trade, just as shoes are walking about outside.

For drying your hair at home, should you invest in a new Zuvi Halo that costs around £330, or will something from the High Street, bought for £20 do the job? And I wonder how many people consider their hair type before buying a new dryer?

If you have fine hair, high heat can damage it very easily, so a model with variable heat settings and ionic technology can help create volume and body. Similarly, a dryer that creates positive or negative ions and has a ‘cool shot’ button is great for frizzy-haired people, as these help to seal hair cuticles, preventing moisture from creating the dreaded Hair Bear Bunch look.

For those with thick hair, look for a machine that has high wattage. This helps to move air quickly, reducing the time it takes to dry your hair and possibility of heat damage.

A diffuser works a treat on curly hair, as it distributes the heat evenly and enhances your natural look, while afro hair can be damaged by high heat, so a combination of a diffuser, variable heat settings and ionic technology is ideal.

For me, the best hair dryer is one that leaves locks looking and feeling healthy. So, if a cheap ‘n’ cheerful model does the job for you, that’s more you can spend on new shoes! See, I’m here for you…

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