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Spring styles that rock

In 1992 Keith Flint was a long-haired dancer ‘shuffling’ in The Prodigy’s early hit Out of Space. Five years later he had transformed himself into the group’s charismatic frontman, complete with demonic hairstyle, tattoos, piercings and guy liner.

He was mesmerising and frightening in equal measure. Arguably, he will continue to be remembered for not only his music but that amazing horn-like hairstyle.

Thinking of Keith reminded me that your hairstyle is both emblematic and symbolic of you. I’m not a psychologist but I do believe that how we style and cut our hair reveals our personality and attitude to life.

Which is why a bold, attention-grabbing cut is a wonderful way to make a statement and turn heads. After all, when we decide to have a makeover, our friends, family and colleagues really do take notice.

For me, the Pixie crop creates an instantly bold and empowering look that draws attention to your face. The cut itself is simple and relatively fuss-free, with the hair cropped neatly across the forehead and side of the head. The Pixie demands a certain level of confidence and self-assurance.

These days, it seems everyone’s dyeing their hair but why stick to just one colour? Why not leave dark roots in their natural colour, while dyeing the rest of your hair icy blonde? Of course, you don’t just have to consider a shade of blonde, other shades totally rock too.

As bold hairstyles often challenge gender stereotypes, shaving the sides of your head can look both radical and amazing. A short bob combines really well with this style. Also, adding plaits creates a sophisticated transition between your longer locks and the shaved sides.

Just as a messy quiff and full beard is essential for male hipsters, a choppy fringe often seems to be de rigeur for women working in the creative and arts industries. This understated, laidback style positively shouts: ‘I just woke-up-and-snipped-my-fringe-with-a-pair-of-scissors’. Its tousled from the start and looks cool before you’ve even arrived at the gallery.

Of course, the sister style to ‘I just woke up’ is ‘And-stepped-out-of-the-shower’. The sleek and glossy wet ideal for a dinner date or glamorous evening out because it remains classy-looking without losing its edgy appearance. Slicked back it says ‘rock chick’, side-parted it exudes old-school elegance and sophistication. Simply use your favourite brand of hair gel and work it through the entire length of your hair to achieve this effortlessly cool ‘do.

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